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In the pre-construction phase, effective communication is established on project objectives and requirements. Detailed planning and design follow, where Billskog and the architects work on specifications for the project, alongside budgeting and cost estimation to set financial parameters. We work on the bidding process, and help select the best subcontractors for the job. Moving into the construction phase, activities include new construction from the ground up, safe demolition of existing structures when necessary, and modifications/renovations to meet project needs. Construction projects span both residential and commercial sectors, each with specific considerations and requirements tailored to the project and owners scope and purpose. Billskog Construction excels at Permit Expediting, Project Scheduling, Coordination/Supervision, Project Management, Means/Methods of Construction, and Project Accounting.

Design Build

This service is a good choice when a client does not have their design team in place or an established budget. In this approach, Billskog Construction will manage the Architects and Engineers on your behalf. Having this single point of contact, shortens the pre-construction process to allow for fast tracked design and permitting. Our clients choose the design/build approach because we are able to put together a cohesive team and manage the process from beginning to end.
Design Build Services Coconut Grove FL
Design Build Services Coconut Grove FL


The construction phase is designed to provide clients with lasting peace of mind and satisfaction with their final product. At Billskog Construction, we prioritize quality and stand behind our workmanship. Our commitment extends beyond project completion—we ensure that any necessary adjustments or additional work requested by the client are promptly addressed. In case the client needs any additional work after the project is completed, Billskog Construction will make any necessary adjustments and honor the warranty set in place.